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How to help without a hammer

This page is about other ways to support our projects. 

Not only do we build and repair houses, we raise funds for many of the house projects we work on...here are ways you can help without breaking a sweat!

--contribute auction items for our annual Silent Auction (next event: 2017)
--volunteer to set up, serve, or clean up at our annual Spaghetti Dinner and assist with the Silent Auction
--ask local merchants and others to contribute to the Silent Auction; download and use this statement to request donations:  DreamBuilders Solicitation of Silent Auction Items.pdf
--help with publicity
--sell Christmas wreaths at Kendalls
--sell fair-trade coffee anytime
--buy a t-shirt or a hat with our hammer logo...

Dreambuilders t-shirt
We are always looking for new fundraising ideas and can use your help. For more details, contact John: john.mcbeth@verizon.net 

"Being of service isn't an obligation, but an opportunity...being helpful is even more fun than being helped." 
- Mark Sanborn, The Fred Factor