A warm welcome to all of our volunteers, supporters, and partner organizations,
 who help turn dreams into reality through home building.
We honor God by serving together to take care of others and improve lives.

New Orleans 2016              DB WV 2016

   Matzohball 5K Results   

The 12th Annual Matzohball 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run was a success! The community run was held on a beautiful Sunday morning  in June at Centennial Park.  Proceeds benefit  DreamBuilders , Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, Hope Works and Temple Isaiah. This year, we raised $2500 for DreamBuilders.  For race results: http://results.charmcityrun.com/content/matzohball-5k-2016-male-0 


matzohball with hammer

A HUGE Thank you from us!

A couple of months ago, DreamBuilders asked its member religious organizations to conduct a special fund raiser to provide “seed money” to a new Fuller Center for Housing Covenant Partnership in Franklin, WV. The specific purpose of the fund raiser was to provide funds to allow this new organization called the Potomac Highlands Fuller Center for Housing (PHFCH) to purchase tools, a significant startup expense. We set the ambitious goal to raise $10,000. We needed the funds prior to June 1st to give PHFCH time to purchase the tools in advance of their first build by DreamBuilders from June 20-25.
When the donations were all tallied, we had received $18,875, far more than we ever dreamed! PHFCH purchased many new tools, including a professional transit to help lay a level and square foundation and many power tools to support the build. Michelle Connor, the Executive Director of PHFCH, wrote, “We are so very humbled by your willingness to host this special fundraiser and by its success... You guys are a genuine Godsend and you are awesome!” 
Thanks to your generosity and the hard work of our team of 33 volunteers from June 20-25, there is a new three bedroom home in Pendleton County, WV. The homeowners are Dennis and Milly Eye. Dennis is a retired career Marine who served our country around the world. It was our great pleasure to get to know Dennis and Milly during the week. At the closing ceremony on the last day, both Dennis and Milly broke down in tears as they said there was no way they could ever repay us—their prayers had been answered. Those comments alone were far more than enough to repay us.
And, this is just the beginning. The tools you funded for the Fuller Center will be used to build many new homes. Once again, thank you for all your support. We couldn’t do this without you.